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Listen Louder

Advertising used to be all about talking. Commercials, billboards, print advertisements, banners behind planes, the list goes on. You could run a commercial and people would watch it. Now DVRs, OnDemand, the Internet and hundreds of channels have changed that. Commercials are an inconvenience. People aren’t as eager to listen to your brand anymore. They … Continue reading

Confucius says…

I promise this isn’t a bad joke, it is an actual quote (I think). “And remember, no matter where you go, there you are.” Confucius This is good advice when embarking on creating and maintaining social media presences. When you create a Facebook Page for your brand, you are on Facebook. When you create a … Continue reading

Sun Tzu on Social Media

It has been a while blogosphere. I have finally decided to take a time out from some UI design and social media work to write another blog post. I am going to try to get back to posting regularly but we will just have to wait and see. If I don’t, hopefully it is because … Continue reading

Sunday Morning Quote: Claude C. Hopkins

One cannot long fool people who are carefully spending money. Never pay the price to get them unless you see clearly how you can keep them. Don’t under-estimate the intelligence and the information of people who count their pennies. -Claude C. Hopkins

Social Advertising and River Monsters

I love the show River Monsters. I am not entirely sure why, but I do. I recently read an article entitled How to run an effective Facebook campaign for $5. I started thinking about the possibilities for microtargeted ad campaigns like this. Then I started thinking about River Monsters and the approach Jeremy Wade takes to his … Continue reading

What’s Your Ideal Role in the Social Media World?

Using MBTI® to Build Effective Social Media Teams I am in the EN camp. “Action Oriented Innovator”, I like that. Graphic via Social Media Explorer. What is your social media role? What do you think about it?

Don’t Ignore Social Media’s Research Value

Social media channels are for more than just marketing. Sometimes ROI isn’t just about making money. Check out my blog post with Jay Bear here.

Claude C. Hopkins on Social Media

I am currently reading My Life in Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins. He worked long before the internet, let alone social media, began to impact advertising, marketing and business in general. Despite this fact, he remains a legend in the world of advertising. One thought he presented that struck me was, “We must never judge … Continue reading

Marketing Lessons From Extreme Sports: Don’t Be Afraid To Crash

I get knocked down / But I get up again / You’re never going to keep me down -Chumbawamba No one would watch the X Games if the competitors were afraid of taking risks. If they didn’t display utter disregard for their safety and well being there would be nothing left. The X Games wouldn’t … Continue reading

The “Don’t Forget” of Social Media

The most important thing to keep in mind about social media is that it is all about community. No approach, strategy or content can replace the importance for maintaining a human presence and acting like a human. Sometimes your best content will be that which is inadvertently created through social and community interactions. Sometimes it … Continue reading