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Social Advertising and River Monsters

I love the show River Monsters. I am not entirely sure why, but I do.

I recently read an article entitled How to run an effective Facebook campaign for $5. I started thinking about the possibilities for microtargeted ad campaigns like this. Then I started thinking about River Monsters and the approach Jeremy Wade takes to his fishing. Wade rarely uses a net to catch his monsters, he approaches every one with a unique strategy. He researches and talks to locals and attempts to determine the approach with the highest probability of success. Something Facebook Ads, as well as other social media advertising platforms, allows you to do.

Another one of my favorite shows is Deadliest Catch. Email marketing is a bit like Deadliest Catch, you never quite know if you are in the right spot and you don’t know how the fishing is until you start reeling in the results. Facebook advertising is more like  River Monsters, You narrow down all possible variables and take the most direct approach. It is like spear fishing to email marketing’s net approach.

Let’s use the Boston Red Sox for a made up example. Let’s say that the Red Sox have a bobble head promotion coming up. Instead of advertising this promotion outside of broadcasts the Sox will use Facebook to promote the giveaway day. To start off they decide to target only their home state of Massachusetts. They further narrow it down to men between the age of 15-50 that expressed an interest in the Red Sox or Fenway Park. The organization figures that this is the demographic that would present the best chance for success, at least to start. This demographic represents 220,120 people on Facebook. Not a bad reach at all. Assuming they don’t totally screw up the visual they are likely to get clicks. Added bonus, the advertisements are reaching people on the same platform they are likely to share that information on. You can’t catch a fish unless you go where it is.

Worried Facebook isn’t the right platform for you? Don’t be, LinkedIn ads appear to have excellent targeting options as well. Both options are outlined in more detail hereThis post by Jay Baer is an excellent example of using social media to advertise in a highly targeted manner. His idea for Foursquare is great too. Why not alert customers of deals when they check in? They are already there, make their visit that much better. Microtargeting enhances your chances of success and, in some cases, can cost a fraction of “net” approach.

Is your advertising a net or a spear gun?



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