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Sunday Morning Quote: Claude C. Hopkins

One cannot long fool people who are carefully spending money. Never pay the price to get them unless you see clearly how you can keep them. Don’t under-estimate the intelligence and the information of people who count their pennies. -Claude C. Hopkins Advertisements

29 Ways to Stay Creative

29 Ways to Stay Creative as found on the always inspirational From Up North. How do you stay creative?

Jim Jarmusch on Creativity

How can you apply this to your social media strategy? Choose some companies and brands to be your social media inspiration, ones you would like to mimic, ones that get it. If they do something you like try to find a way to repurpose it for your brand or company. You don’t always have to … Continue reading


We live in a remix culture. Typically this involves in remixing, reusing, readapting and recontextualizing other people’s content, but why couldn’t you do it to your own? Maybe you love an old marketing campaign but it didn’t do great or you want to revisit it. Maybe you wrote a great blog post and you want … Continue reading

Simply Awesome

Thank you to BLDGBLOG for sharing this.

Aural Art by J Dilla

I had to share this amazing song, and video. R.I.P. J Dilla

The 10 Rules of Apple

Less and More: The Teachings of Dieter Rams Dieter Rams is a design demigod. He was the genius behind Braun design. He could also play a significant role in the legendary design of Apple, that of the muse. Good design is innovative. “[Dieter] Rams states that possibilities for innovation in design are unlikely to be … Continue reading

Naïve Innovation

A wonderful concept I read about in this Co.Design article on twentysomethings designing products for baby boomers. “Naïve innovation”: the notion that what 18 to 22 year olds lack in experience they make up for in creative chutzpa. This is a much more concise version of my post on The Experience Conundrum. I like “naïve inspiration” … Continue reading

Kinetic Conan

I am a big Conan fan. I am also a big fan of typography. So this kinetic typography project by Jacob Gilbreath, via Font Feed, was right up my alley. Enjoy.

Morning Inspiration

When I wake up in the morning, after checking my email, I peruse my Google Reader. I save my “Inspiration” and “Typography” folders for last. One of my favorite parts of this routine is the daily post from From Up North. These pictures are a couple reasons why.