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Listen Louder

Advertising used to be all about talking. Commercials, billboards, print advertisements, banners behind planes, the list goes on. You could run a commercial and people would watch it. Now DVRs, OnDemand, the Internet and hundreds of channels have changed that. Commercials are an inconvenience. People aren’t as eager to listen to your brand anymore. They … Continue reading

Innovation or Disruption

I was thinking recently about the differences between innovation and disruption. I realized that the differences are all about context. They are essentially the same thing. Innovation is an internal process. When someone masterminds a better way to undertake a process, let’s say organizing an assembly line, they are innovating. They aren’t disrupting because the … Continue reading

Innovation Isn’t Always Sexy

Typically when I think about innovation I think big, sexy, disruptive. I think Facebook basically. But that is not always the case. Sometimes innovation is more face palm than fireworks, just common sense finally taking over. At my last job I made a self-computing model to score properties for site selection projects. I thought it … Continue reading

Why Social Media Requires Humor

Humor prevents the general population from melting down into insanity when things go bad. Humor can be our coping mechanism. But, humor is just as important for companies using social media. The two prime candidates for social media faux pas are Chrysler and the Red Cross, with an honorable mention going to Kenneth Cole. Their … Continue reading

The Resume Effect

Something surprising happened to me earlier, @timotis complemented my resume on Twitter. This was retweeted by @simplymeK. Apparently they were very impressed. Their kind words on Twitter led to a traffic surge on my blog, most notably to my resume. This was after I saw an impressive resume post on Mashable. It got me thinking. … Continue reading

Did the MLB Miss Making a Big Opportunity Even Bigger?

Or am I just that naive? It was recently announced that the MLB will be going social this Opening Day. Initially, I was bummed that I hadn’t heard about the opportunity. Then I was struck by the fact that it is a very good idea, and shocked that the MLB hasn’t already harnessed Twitter, Facebook … Continue reading

Creativity, It’s What’s For Dinner

4 Creativity Fostering Secrets That Aren’t Just For Kids Fast Co Design recently featured an article by Frog Design discussing 4 ways to foster creativity in kids. While reading the article I was struck by the fact that these 4 secrets were equally applicable to all ages and even businesses. As we move towards Richard … Continue reading

Embedded Social Media

It is hard to tell someone’s story if you aren’t them. You can retell stories you have heard but sometimes you end up with a freshwater shark on the line as opposed to a minnow. The same goes for social media. I was in charge of managing a blog for a community I had never … Continue reading

The Experience Conundrum

I am in the midst of a job search and I am struggling with “the experience hurdle”. I am a recent college grad and most of the jobs I am interested in aren’t directly related to my majors. I am looking at creative jobs in the fields of marketing and advertising but I am “trained” … Continue reading

How FTD (almost) Lost a Customer

It has now been a week since Valentine’s Day. A week since men scrambled like mad to make reservations, buy chocolates, purchase teddy bears, pen cards, order flowers and a multitude of other festive activities. I was one of those men, although I had a much smaller list than the one mentioned above. Reservations wasn’t … Continue reading