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Marketing Lessons From Extreme Sports: Don’t Be Afraid To Crash

I get knocked down / But I get up again / You’re never going to keep me down -Chumbawamba No one would watch the X Games if the competitors were afraid of taking risks. If they didn’t display utter disregard for their safety and well being there would be nothing left. The X Games wouldn’t … Continue reading

Refix: Don’t Quit & Go Big or Go Home

WARNING: Epic slams inside These guys take huge slams and get right back up a do it again. I guarantee you their fails hurt a whole lot more than your marketing and social media missteps. If they keep going shouldn’t you? On a more serene note:

Marketing Lessons From Extreme Sports: Don’t Quit

Quitting is easy. It is also unproductive. Typically we quit out of a fear of failure. However, failure is typically much more beneficial than quitting. We can learn from our mistakes and our failures, we can’t learn much from quitting. The rationale for the picture is simple: the monoskiers refused to quit so why should you? … Continue reading

Marketing Lessons From Extreme Sports: Keep It Fresh

That picture is of two people, one snowmobile and one backflip with extras. (You can click the picture to watch the video) That had never been done, until then. Unfortunately the Moore brothers didn’t win with this trick, it was deemed “illegal” due to there being two people on the sled. It was pretty cool to watch … Continue reading

Marketing Lessons From Extreme Sports: Go Big or Go Home

Extreme athletes know that they can’t win if they don’t push the limit. Shaun White wouldn’t be the snowboarding superstar he is if he didn’t try to do things others can’t. Danny Way wouldn’t be the iron man he is if he didn’t didn’t disregard the trainers and launch himself into the air while injured. … Continue reading