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Marketing Lessons From Extreme Sports: Go Big or Go Home

Extreme athletes know that they can’t win if they don’t push the limit. Shaun White wouldn’t be the snowboarding superstar he is if he didn’t try to do things others can’t. Danny Way wouldn’t be the iron man he is if he didn’t didn’t disregard the trainers and launch himself into the air while injured. Rob Dyrdek wouldn’t have created the empire he has if he didn’t go for it, it being whatever popped into his head at any given moment. Point is, these guys know that you need to go big or go home.

The same should apply to marketing. If you have a great idea, that one campaign you think will define, or redefine, your brand, why sit on it? Why sit on your hands and watch the world pass by as you wait for the “perfect moment” to launch this campaign. Here’s a tip, there is very rarely a “perfect moment” for anything. The Internet and social media means the world moves fast. Companies are born, companies mature, companies die. Why wait if you don’t how long you have?

Are you afraid of setting the bar to high? Worried that you won’t be able to replicate the genius of this campaign? If that is what is holding you back then it means that you have created your swan song. You conceptualized this genius campaign, that means you have the capacity for genius. Setting the bar high will just push you to beat yourself the next time. I doubt Shaun White prepped for the X-Games or the Olympics thinking, “I’m going to wait to pull out this new trick once I know I have something to follow it up”. The X-Games now has best trick competitions and guess what, there are new tricks every year.

If you don’t push the limit someone else will. Go big or go home.



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