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Marketing Lessons From Extreme Sports: Don’t Be Afraid To Crash

I get knocked down / But I get up again / You’re never going to keep me down

No one would watch the X Games if the competitors were afraid of taking risks. If they didn’t display utter disregard for their safety and well being there would be nothing left. The X Games wouldn’t be nearly as cool if the riders, skaters, bikers, skiers and boarders didn’t crash approximately 4 trillion times in the process of developing new tricks and trying to put down the most ridiculous run they can. The Jake Brown Mega Ramp story wouldn’t be nearly as inspirational if had been afraid to crash. And crash he did. He lost control above the quarter pipe and fell about 45 feet onto the flat bottom of the ramp. He was motionless for a bit and then got up and limped off with some help. He returned the next year to take bronze in the same event.

These guys put a lot more on the line than your company does when it comes to the risk of a crash. Yes it will be painful if your company crash is severe, but it is unlikely that anyone will die. The X Game competitors can’t say the same. Your company can learn from its mistakes. In fact, your company will probably learn more from mistakes than from successes. A success can be caused by any number of things that are out of your control, as can a failure. But when we succeed we attribute it to ourselves, when we fail we usually attribute it to someone or something else. Own up to your failures, embrace them even, and you could see a greater margin of success in the future.



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