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Marketing Lessons From Extreme Sports: Keep It Fresh

Moore Brothers Winter X 2011 Backflip
That picture is of two people, one snowmobile and one backflip with extras. (You can click the picture to watch the video) That had never been done, until then. Unfortunately the Moore brothers didn’t win with this trick, it was deemed “illegal” due to there being two people on the sled. It was pretty cool to watch though. They may not have gotten a medal for it but they got a lot of respect. They won in their hearts and in the hearts and minds of the fans.

That last sentence may sound corny but it is the one that companies need to take to heart the most. Marketing/advertising is a campaign for the hearts and minds of consumers. Social media allows companies and brands to connect with consumers and fans on levels not previously accessible. These channels should not be approached with the mind set of winning awards and accolades but hearts and minds. Take chances, do things you have never done before, try something dangerous, live on the edge, be human.

Awards and accolades are great, but they don’t always lead to long term recognition. I don’t remember who won the Snowmobile Best Trick competition or what trick they did, but I do remember this double backflip. Most of your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, blog subscribers, Foursquare mayors and LinkedIn connections won’t know what advertising and marketing awards you have won, they will remember the memorable content and “fresh” posts you created though. Don’t be predictable, be interesting. Put a couple people on a snowmobile launch it off something tall and flip it around a few times.




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