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Listen Louder

Advertising used to be all about talking. Commercials, billboards, print advertisements, banners behind planes, the list goes on. You could run a commercial and people would watch it. Now DVRs, OnDemand, the Internet and hundreds of channels have changed that. Commercials are an inconvenience.

People aren’t as eager to listen to your brand anymore. They will tune out if all you do is talk about yourself and your product. The new advertising is about listening and engaging. The internet and social media have empowered the consumers. Our opinion matters now, we are our own news distributors. Why would we listen to your advertising and sales departments when we can ask our friends? We can be (almost) anywhere in the world and still have access to our network of opinions and experts.

So if talking louder won’t work, what will? Listen louder.

Engage with your customers, show them you are human. This can be as simple as adding a blog to your website and writing a post every once in a while. Or it can be as extravagant as vibrant social communities on different platforms with videos, user submitted content, mobile apps and interactive campaigns. It doesn’t matter, just do what is right for your brand.

By listening to your customers you can provide them the experience that they want. Maybe your customers are really into Rainforest Alliance products and you just happen to run a coffee shop. Even better, you have some Rainforest Alliance certified coffee. You could provide content talking about the Rainforest Alliance, their latest news, a profile on the roaster your coffee is from and simple ways for people to benefit the Rainforest Alliance or the environment at large. Now you aren’t just “that coffee shop” anymore, you are the coffee shop that people learn about the Rainforest Alliance from, the one that listened.

Remember the old saying, “we have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

Let your human show and listen louder.



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