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Innovation Isn’t Always Sexy

Typically when I think about innovation I think big, sexy, disruptive. I think Facebook basically. But that is not always the case. Sometimes innovation is more face palm than fireworks, just common sense finally taking over.

At my last job I made a self-computing model to score properties for site selection projects. I thought it was the way site selection was done, it just made sense. I found out after I made the model that most firms still did everything by hand. My bosses called my model revolutionary.

After my first ever site selection project I further tweaked the model to be more stable and easier to email. On my second project I was able to process 160+ sites in one day. All sites received an objective score that was comparable across properties. We were able to finish projects in at least half the time it took traditional site selection firms to complete projects.

Sometimes the best innovations come from just applying common sense. Don’t over complicate things, it just makes them more cumbersome. Just like when taking tests in school, your first instinct is usually right. Trust yourself, you know what you are doing. Even when you don’t. Now go innovate.



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