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Social Media Lesson from Zen #2: Finding a Diamond on a Muddy Road

Due to the length of this story I have only included a section below.

2. Finding a Diamond on a Muddy Road  

Gudo smiled. “Everything in this life is impermanent,” he explained. “Life is very brief. If you keep on gambling and drinking, you will have no time left to accomplish anything else, and you will cause your family to suffer too.”

The perception of the husband awoke as if from a dream. “You are right,” he declared. “How can I ever repay you for this wonderful teaching! Let me see you off and carry your things a little way.”

“If you wish,” assented Gudo.

– From Zen Flesh Zen Bones, Nyogen Senzaki, english translation by Paul Reps

This is more of a cautionary tale. Social media is fresh and new now but it won’t always remain so. While it is very hard to ignore social media in business, you don’t want to forgo everything else. Make sure to keep traditional channels open and operational and supplement them with social media. Use social media as another channel of communication with customers, not the only one. Social media poses great opportunities but it requires work. Don’t give up just because you don’t become the star of Facebook in a week, all things take time. Make sure you are helping your followers and not just yourself. If people realize that you are only trying to help yourself they no longer have any incentive to follow or engage with you.

Finding a diamond on a muddy road requires work, but it is worth it in the end.



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