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The Resume Effect

Something surprising happened to me earlier, @timotis complemented my resume on Twitter. This was retweeted by @simplymeK. Apparently they were very impressed. Their kind words on Twitter led to a traffic surge on my blog, most notably to my resume. This was after I saw an impressive resume post on Mashable. It got me thinking.

What happens after our resumes win us that dream job? We put a lot of hard work into our resumes and try our hardest to make them stand out, then what? Shouldn’t our job become our resume? Every project we work on should function as our resume. We should want these pieces of ourselves to be as impressive as they can be. Make everything count towards a hypothetical resume. If uniqueness gets you a job then make everything you do at that job unique. Think outside the traditional resume.

More importantly, thank you to @timotis and @simplymeK for being impressed enough to tweet about my resume. It was pretty awesome.



2 thoughts on “The Resume Effect

  1. Kyle:

    You have a great resume! Thank you for the mention in your post. I have great confidence you will find an amazing job to put your creativeness to work!


    Posted by Kendall | April 27, 2011, 3:29 pm

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