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Is Kohler Taking Notes From Native Instruments?

I recently bought Kohler’s Flipside hand shower. Haven’t installed it yet though. What immediately struck me was their liberal use of “K”. The Flipside features 4 modes: Kotton, Komotion, Koverage, and Kurrent.

My first name begins with “K” so I’m all for this. One thing, it reminded me of another company, Native Instruments. Native Instruments is notorious for using the letter “k” in most of their product offerings. In face, when they release Maschine there was some surprise over the lack of a “k”. Native Instruments’ primary product offering is the digital studio (DAW) Komplete. Komplete’s main instrument komponents are Kontakt, Reaktor and Kore. There are however many other instruments included that don’t contain “k”, but that’s not the point. Some other Native Instruments offerings include Traktor, Reflektor, Mikro Prism and Audio Kontrol.

Probably just coincidence, or did Kohler take notice?



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