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Embedded Social Media

It is hard to tell someone’s story if you aren’t them. You can retell stories you have heard but sometimes you end up with a freshwater shark on the line as opposed to a minnow. The same goes for social media.

I was in charge of managing a blog for a community I had never been to. That’s not entirely true, I stopped off to use a McDonald’s bathroom one time. Point is, I was trying to create a personal web presence for a place I personally knew nothing about. I could read about the community on their websites and try to glean some insight, but ultimately I was flailing around in the dark.

Since it was more of a business attraction blog than a tourism blog, my original approach was to try and make it a news center. I relied entirely on content curation to achieve this goal. Over time I realized this approach wasn’t really cutting it.

I overhauled my approach for the new year and tried to make it a bit more personal for the community. I had a few resources I used for curation and tried to incorporate more community-specific information. This approach worked better, page views jumped dramatically in the new year. But I still felt a bit lost.

My conclusion from this experience was this: in order to have an effective social media presence that is a true reflection of your self, community or company, you need to do it yourself. It doesn’t matter how good your “consultant” is, it will never quite be the same as if you were handling it. There are plenty of cases where outsourcing your social media efforts will work just fine. It just depends on what your goals are. If you are trying to create a personal reflection though, it has to be personal.



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